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Saving Lives in your Community

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ABC Life Support – First Aid Training in your community

ABC Life Support was founded in March 2010 by Danielle Bridge who before taking time off to start a family was a First Aid Trainer for an independent training organisation.

How it all began

Women with baby mannequin

During my time off an idea of taking my skills and setting up my own company started to form.  The company ABC Life Support set up in November 2011 and by March 2015 we had become a CIC.

It all began with some community led First Aid training workshops for:

  • new parents,
  • grandparents and
  • carers

Then a number of Sure Start Childrens Centres approached the company to deliver training in local venues and we formed the CIC.

We offer a range of:

  • Paediatric and Workplace First Aid courses nationwide – wherever you are in the UK we can come to you
  • situation-based First Aid training which means-
    • it’s custom-made to that actual business or working environment
    • fun and practical, hands-on learning

Why a CIC?

Women with baby mannequin
ABC in action

We believe that First Aid Training is a necessary skill to have in any ‘community focused’ training:

  • it enables members of every community
  • teaches new skills
  • can lead to saving another person’s life

Unfortunately, there are sections of the population that normally do not access this service because of barriers which can sometimes be based on:

  • social or financial restrictions
  • location

That’s why we set up as a Social Enterprise and being a CIC makes it easier for us to help those people. In our book, nobody should miss out on learning paediatric First Aid skills that could ultimately save their child’s life

The Benefits to Society

First Aid Training has many proved benefits to society, and some of the most tangible are:

  • Confidence – Most people who have never done any kind of first aid training before have none or very little confidence in knowing how to help in an emergency
  • Empowerment – People feedback shows that they feel able to help somebody or a member of their family should an emergency take place
  • Inclusion – Our training is delivered in a friendly, fun and interactive way which is designed to include everybody from every walk of life
  • Comfort– People meet others on this course and can share their stories and fears in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Projects in the community –Waitrose Community Fund Green Token Scheme

Peoples generosity to ABC Life Support
Peoples generosity to ABC Life Support

September 2016 saw us as the majority choice of the green token scheme in our local St Neots Waitrose.

By placing a token in the Community Matters box customers’ have chosen to:

  • help our CIC and
  • by doing this supported the community.

It was down to the generosity of those customers that we received £540.

By working with numbers of community facing charities and groups this will allow:

  • the free training of 36 people in the community who would not have otherwise had the means to access this service.

As a director of the CIC I am absolutely thrilled that ABC Life Support has been picked by the Waitrose Community Matters green token scheme and:

  • by the response of the people of St Neots who supported this campaign
  • allowing us to help others to potentially save a life

Training in First Aid is a practical skill that everybody should have access to and, by getting help from others, we can help people who would have otherwise not been able to access this service.

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