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Saltwater Creations CIC: The cure to positive change

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The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea -  Isak Dinesen

Connecting through their passion for the ocean

The company founders, Rich and Jules, connect through their passion for the ocean.  They have first-hand experience of the devastation caused by personal loss and the desire to empower others to make positive change in spite of this. With support of a strong team they provide a range of Saltwater workshops and post workshop activities. These include creating the cure to positive change by:

  • connection
  • empowering
  • realising
  • leashing

Set up as a limited company it soon became clear that the company was making a distinct social impact within the community so Saltwater Creations Community Interest Company (CIC) was created in September 2016.

Everyone has at least one story to share - their own

It provides a range of face to face, real life story-telling workshops and activity days. These are based around:

  • empowerment and disability awareness
  • helping to develop individuals professionally and personally

This results in positive changes in behaviour, performance and productivity.

A passionate and friendly approach, based on first-hand experience of overcoming adversity and disability. Saltwater Creations offer workshops to many sectors of society including:

  • corporates
  • educational
  • the Military
  • the Third Sector

Our aim to increase support of our organisation

Becoming a CIC enabled Saltwater Creations to seek support to deliver its social impact through funding. We were successful in obtaining £4,830 from the Santander Foundation to fund free workshops to support children and young people.  The aim to challenge themselves and their abilities and aspire to 'never give up'. The workshops are for schools and colleges in West Sussex and Hampshire.

Juliet walking with surfboard to sea

The funding received allowed 14 schools to access these free days.  The aim, to provide an experience through real life story telling rather than through a text-book.  These workshops are provided by the Saltwater Creations team.  Who have also faced difficult times and use their own experiences to help others.

Within 2 days of offering the workshops all 14 schools signed up.  We also have a further 7 schools on our waiting list.  The grant has already had an impact on 1250 young people.  Other applications are in the pipeline to help more.

Juliet Stallard, Director at Saltwater Creations CIC said:

The grant has had an immediate impact on our work. With limited budgets, all schools in the area benefit from the grant which enables the children to experience:

  • access to learning empowerment tools
  • opportunities to learn new life skills
  • real life examples to show how they work

Lady speaking at workshop

The way forward 

Our mission is to focus on ability and how we each have the ability to achieve despite what can be thrown at us.  Real life examples prove what some may think was impossible is actually achievable.

Thank you letter to Saltwater Creations

In a world that often tries to throw social and physical limitation at each of us, our children need:

  • ambition and encouragement to think big
  • a positive mindset

The World is their oyster and we aim to show them just that.

Pebble spelling out life's a wave, catch it

As a business, we offer the workshops at a fee to other organisations and corporations, which ensures our services are accessible to all the community.

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