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Bio picture of Adele

Adele Sweeney

Founding Director - Crafting4Good CIC
Adele started working online 12 years ago, learning website skills, social media and marketing as a way to support herself as a single parent.
Over the years she developed a website, online community and eCommerce store. People were always at the forefront of what she did, making the biggest difference to what she was doing online and eventually she found her way to becoming a CIC, with a focus on creativity as a way to wellbeing.
Recently Adele re-connected with her psychology background and became a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society in order to best understand the interactions between creativity, wellbeing and mental health from today's perspective.
Another important aspect both personally and for Crafting4Good CIC is to be as environmentally responsible as possible, raising awareness and doing what you can to do your bit.