Julie Earls

My name is Julie Earls. I am one of the Directors of Appoint Us Services. I have worked continuously since I was 16 in a variety of roles, firstly in the shoe retail industry (This could explain my obsession with shoes!), then in telephone sales and then for a number of years in many roles for the DWP. In my role as a Visiting Officer I came across so many people struggling at home that so needed a bit of support so I left DWP to work for 14 years for a charity providing that support. I increased the business growth by 500% and loved the work was doing. Sadly the CEO who set the charity up resigned and the new CEO didn’t share my ethos and values so it was time to move on. My then deputy manager decided to leave too for exactly the same reasons. What did we do best….exactly what we were doing and so Appoint Us Services was born.